Business Expansion Group

Expanding your current business internationally can create substantial opportunity for growth. We source product for North American clients from Europe and the World. These ventures are not without their challenges however, and that's where International Corporate Expansion can help.

At ICE, we work closely with companies in a variety of industries to take advantage of international business growth potential and to help them every step of the way. From business structure to compliance, distribution, marketing and fund-raising, we are able to maximize your profile, minimize risk and create the best opportunity for success. Included in the services we will act as your International CEO, build a strong management organization, find distributors, work with potential buyers and sellers of companies to generate growth and high profitability, provide the ancillary services including marketing, legal and financial.

Whether in North America, Europe or Asia, you will be able to effectively build greater brand and shareholder value, while reducing your dependence on home markets.

Product Lines
Furniture Chairs Mattresses
Manufacture Components Pillows