Corporate Expansion

Expanding your current business internationally can create a myriad of diverse growth potentials, combining commercialisation and financing, cost reductions, and risk mitigation. These ventures are not without their challenges however, but that’s where International Corporate Expansion can help.


At International Corporate Expansion, we offer international product sourcing and market entry strategies for our North American clients seeking diversity (Canada to Rest of the World) and vice versa (Rest of the World to Canada). We work closely with companies in various industries to take advantage of international business growth potentials and help them through every step of the commercialization process.

From Business Planning to Compliance, Distribution to Sales & Marketing, ICE is capable of maximizing your profile, minimizing your risk, and creating the best opportunity for your success. Included in the services ICE will build a strong management team, act as your International Corporate Executive, and find quality & reliable distributors. ICE will also provide the necessary ancillary services including, but not limited to General & Administration, Sales & Marketing, Legal, and Financial.

Whether in North America, Europe or Asia, you will be able to effectively build greater brand and shareholder value, while reducing your dependence on home markets

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