Our Purpose

At ICE we work together with aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate executives in a variety of pertinent & emerging industries throughout their corporate lifecycle attain favorable business growth potentials and retain maximum shareholder value. We offer investment advisory solutions internationally to small & mid-cap market companies seeking the potential of International Corporate Expansion. 

Our Team

Our team will strategically evaluate several product groups & services available based on your business goals and provide confidential, unconflicted advice based on our industry specific knowledge and expertise.

Matey Nedkov


Our founding president is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of diverse international business experience.

In the early 90’s Matey started Infonet Media, once the largest in-store marketing company in Canada, currently owned and operated by ActMedia Inc. a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp. After the massive success Matey went onto develop Nedcorp Holdings Inc. where he owned/operated, and successfully exited one of the largest Media companies in Asia operating in 7 different countries.

Mr. Nedkov currently serves as the President & CEO of International Corporate Expansion – a Division of Nedcorp Holdings Inc. which provides M&A advisory services to mid-cap market companies in several pertinent and emerging industries worldwide. 

Mr. Nedkov is an active Board Member of EUCCAN, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada and Founder of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce also known as the Canada Bulgaria Business Network.

Alan Ballak

Managing Partner

Alan J.F. Ballak has an academic background in Environmental Technology and Engineering. He majored in Resource Management and Transportation Systems. After working 12 years received an MBA in the USA majoring in Marketing Economics & Finance.

Ballak has over 25 years’ experience overseas and North America in both the private and public sectors. Before recently leaving his post as Trade Commissioner for Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, he spent over 12 years working on FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and CDIA (Canadian Direct Investment Abroad) investment portfolio(s).

Mr. Ballak also has a wealth of knowledge and expertise working with the Transportation sector. He serves as the government consultant liaison and spokesperson for CTEA (Canadian Transportation Equipment Association), APMA (Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association); AIA (Automotive Industries Association [after-market parts industry]).

Susan Gong

Managing Partner

Susan Gong, an active member of the board, well known for her community leadership and expertise in international commerce, immigration & social housing and the Asia-Pacific markets, as well as her proven record of philanthropy, particularly related to healthcare.

Susan was a former Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board and the CEO and Principal Consultant of Altec Global. She holds an Honours B.B.A. from Wilfred Laurier University and a CPA, CA designation which qualified her for her previous role at the Metro Toronto Housing Authority. She is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and a Canadian Chartered Accountants.

It is Susan’s work on the Immigration and Refugee Board that led to the creation of Altec Global. She dealt with a wide range of issues and understands the strategies that must be employed to win a successful case. Fluent in English and Mandarin, she is able to communicate with many of her clients in their native tongue, which offers them an important degree of comfort—a key factor when dealing with sensitive and often personal issues.

Doug Smith

Managing Partner

Doug Smith, an active member of the board, is an industry veteran with more than 30 years’ of sales experience in Cybersecurity, Systems Management, Cloud Computing, Carrier solutions for MNO in North America, Europe & Africa, Enterprise Network & Computer Security (Hardware &Software), International WAN Services and earlier as a pioneer in Records Management and Digital Facsimile.

Doug has been the Country Manager and National Sales Manager for multiple startups and established companies, including: Malwarebytes, BMC Remedyforce, BigFix (IBM), Cisco, Trend Micro, Infonet (BT) as well as a number of startups including BroadJump (Alcatel) and Enomaly (Virtustream/EMC).

Charles Sousa

Managing Partner

Charles Sousa sits on the boards of International Corporate Expansion, Canadian University of Dubai, Wealth Simple Foundation, Lobo Genetics Inc. (a healthcare technology venture) and chairs Magellan Community Charities (a new LTC and Affordable Housing complex).

Charles is also the former Minister of Finance for Ontario. He was elected to the Ontario Legislature in 2007 and served three terms, spanning over a decade, as Member of Provincial Parliament for Mississauga South. Charles delivered six budgets and delivered historic reforms to Ontario’s pension, insurance and infrastructure. He managed $150 billion budgets and a number of agencies including LCBO, OLG, OSC and WSIB - four of the largest entities in the country.

Charles oversaw several large commercial transactions including monetization of Hydro One, restructuring of US Steel/Stelco and the reorganization of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. He was also President of Treasury Board, Minister of Citizenship & Immigration, Minister responsible for the Pan/ParaPan Am Games and Minister of Labour.

George ‘Al’ Tucker

Managing Consultant

‘Al’ sits on the board at ICE and has been associated with the Heavy-Duty Truck/Trailer Parts and Service Industry of the Canadian Commercial Vehicle Transportation Sector. From 1988 through 2006, he was the Managing Director for the Heavy-Duty Distributor Council, representing independent Heavy-Duty Truck/Trailer Parts Distributors and their associated OE component suppliers.

He has also served as the Director of Canadian Affairs for U.S. based Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA), and from 1985-2000 was President of CANUSA Rim Inc., a heavy-duty parts manufacturers agency. From 1990 through 2006, he was Executive Director of the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association (CTEA) and was the driving force in the CTEA’s development. CTEA today boasts a membership of over 500 corporations in the Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing sector in North America.

Among his many industry affiliations, Al was an Associate member of the Society of Automotive Engineers for over 30 years, an Associate member of the Ontario Trucking Association Maintenance Council and the Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association as well as an Industry sector representative on the Transportation Committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. He continues to hold the status of a Registered Lobbyist with the Canadian Federal Government.

Our Impact

Take a look at what our clients have to say about us:

Dr Sanjeev Sharma

CEO, Highmark Interactive

We were looking to raise capital to make acquisitions for expansion. When we met Matey Nedkov he took us through a process of understanding the real goals of the business. He helped strip back the strategic direction which was very important to us. As a result of this process we changed our business plan because we saw a new way of attaining growth with a lot less capital. The creativity of this process was priceless.

David Koff


What we really appreciate about Matey is his trust, fidelity and reliability. He puts all his strength and support into a project to make it work and to pursue the growth of the business. He is very creative and not scared of innovation. A smaller structure like ICE is no doubt a much more personal experience. Working with them you get a lot of time with senior individuals who are highly skilled in real life experience. They are closer to the customer and have a good understanding of all the challenges. His team have gone through the pain of growing and selling their own firms. Our experience with those big consulting firms was very frustrating because you work with people who give advice but who have never accomplished anything on their own.

Tan Eng Lock


There was a period when the company was involved in a legal battle. With no questions asked he flew across the globe to counsel and encourage me. In the process, he even extended funding, knowing the risk of the actions that were in process then. The greatest challenges in ICE’s role are to guide his partner through the ‘landmines’ that lie ahead in any businesses, and to provide creative, outside the box strategic thinking to growing a business.

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