Matey Nedkov – President

Mr. Nedkov, with 30 years diversified business experience is the President and founder of ICE – International Corporate Expansion, a division of Nedcorp Holdings Inc., an International company that takes Small medium and large enterprises Global. ICE distributes global products in North America and assists clients to expand and increase profitability with new product launches, sales and marketing for major Retailers in the US and Canada. A major aspect of the business is Mergers and Acquisitions in partnership with STS Capital.

Mr. Nedkov founded Infonet Media, the largest instore marketing company in Canada with offices in France, Germany and Sweden. The company is currently owned and operated by News Corp, a Rupert Murdoch company. After Infonet Media, Mr. Nedkov invested in and participated in the management the largest instore media company in Asia with offices in 7 countries, and exited successfully.

Mr. Nedkov is a Board member of EUCCAN (European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada). He founded the Canada Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce, Canada Bulgaria Business Network. He serves on the Board of Directors of Xmet a TSX venture Exchange listed Mining Company.  

Mr. Nedkov, was raised in France and the US, has a background which includes direct management and operations in North America, Europe and Asia, which gives him a unique background in understanding business and operation practices worldwide.

Beverly Brooks – Managing Partner

Beverly Brooks is a communications expert and an economist who has advised federal government Ministers and senior executives of major private sector companies in various sectors including manufacturing, technology, energy, mining, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and financial services. As Senior Economist at the federal Department of Finance and as an executive of two international communications agencies, she advised companies on major international mergers and acquisitions. Beverly has raised funding for non-profit organizations and public policy speaking forums since 1995. Most recently, Beverly has developed public and media relations strategies for an international digital payment company, drafted a perception study for an investment research firm, created an investor relations campaign for a medical technology company and developed social media campaigns for non-profit organizations. Beverly has a Master of Arts (Economics) and a Master of Business Administration. She completed the corporate governance course at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business.

George Allan (AL) Tucker – Managing Partner, ICE Transportation

Al has been associated with the Heavy Duty Truck/Trailer Parts and Service Industry of the Canadian Commercial Vehicle Transportation Sector since 1970. From 1988 through 2006, he was the Managing Director for the Heavy Duty Distributor Council, representing independent Heavy Duty Truck/Trailer Parts Distributors and their associated OE component suppliers. He has also served as the Director of Canadian Affairs for U.S. based Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA), and from 1985-2000 was President of CANUSA Rim Inc., a heavy duty parts manufacturers agency.

From 1990 through 2006, he was Executive Director of the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association (CTEA) and was the driving force in the CTEA’s development. CTEA today boasts a membership of over 500 corporations in the Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing sector in North America.

Among his many industry affiliations, Al was an Associate member of the Society of Automotive Engineers for over 30 years, an Associate member of the Ontario Trucking Association Maintenance Council and the Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association as well as an Industry sector representative on the Transportation Committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. He continues to hold the status of a Registered Lobbyist with the Canadian Federal Government.

Alan Ballak – Managing Partner, ICE Transportation

Alan J.F. Ballak has an academic background in environmental technology and engineering in Canada. He majored in resource management and minored in transportation systems. After working 12 years received an MBA in USA majoring in marketing economics, minored in finance.

Mr. Ballak has over 25 years’ experience overseas and North America in both the private and public sectors before recently leaving his post as Trade Commissioner for Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, (where he spent 12 plus years).

A big part of Mr. Ballak's Trade Commissioner mandate was working with the investment file: i.e. companies investing into Canada FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and CDIA (Canadian Direct Investment Abroad).

Mr. Ballak also has experience working with the Transportation sector being the government consultant liaison and spokesperson for CTEA (Canadian Transportation Equipment Association), APMA (Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association); AIA (Automotive Industries Association...[after-market parts industry]).

Before joining the ICE Transportation Group, Mr. Ballak for the past 2 years has been president of TNC a company which assists companies with their international expansion and match-making sellers and buyers.